Sunday, May 2, 2021

Dividend report: April 2021

April is over! Let's see how many companies sent me a dividend check for my ownership. These checks are the results of decisions I made earlier in life, sometimes years ago, where I decided to purchase shares in these companies. Nowaydays I still collect these checks but I have to do absolutely nothing to receive them. They just get deposited in my brokerage account, no questions asked. Isn't that great?!

Based on a constant exchange rate my dividend income grew by over 60% compared to last year. Seven companies paid me dividends with my first ever payment from Ahold Delhaize and my first from Cisco in the month of April. The rest of my holdings increased their dividend slightly compared to last year.

I received a few dividend raises in the past two weeks (which I didn't report as of yet) With my latest addition in Ahold Delhaize, TROW and Unilever, my dividend income increased to more than € 2.070.  This increased by about € 70 compared to last month. Let's keep it going! 

How was your April?

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