Thursday, February 23, 2023

Recent buy: MPW

 Last week I added to an existing holding. On February 16th 6 I purchased another 100 shares of MPW for about $ 13 per share. This new purchase adds almost $ 116 to my annual forward dividend income. I first bought shares in MPW about 6 months ago for $14 per share.

They had some (serious) operator troubles but seem to be handling it. Last week MPW announced that it has agreed to lease its entire Utah hospital portfolio to Catholic Health Initiatives Colorado, a wholly owned subsidiary of CommonSpirit Health (“CommonSpirit”), subsequent to CHIC’s pending acquisition of the Utah hospital business currently operated by Steward Health Care System (“Steward”). Centura Health (“Centura”) will manage the facilities for CHIC. The expected transaction will further MPT’s long-term efforts to improve portfolio diversification by property type, geography and, in this case, operator.

We'll see how this all works out, but I am doubling down on this high-yielder. A lot of people also suggested OHI needed to cut its high dividend, but it's been paying it for years now!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Monthly report: January 2023

January is over! Already the first month of a new year. Last year around this time COVID finally reached family. This year however is a lot less hectic, thankfully. 

January was a good start of year with regards to the stock market. There were some serious up- and down days but I am not worried about that. In the end it's all about the dividend income. Since I am not a seller of stocks at this point in my life, I don't really care about lower prices.

In my portfolio I had a few losers, like BAX (-10%) and JNJ (-8%), but I also had some big winners like ASML (+17%), BHP (+14%), MPW (+12%) and V (+11%). All things considered my portfolio increased about 3%.

Let's see how many companies sent me a dividend check for my ownership. These checks are the results of decisions I made earlier in life, sometimes years ago, where I decided to purchase shares in these companies. Nowaydays I still collect these checks but I have to do absolutely nothing to receive them. They just get deposited in my brokerage account, no questions asked. Isn't that great?!

A total of almost € 6.000 after tax. For sure my biggest month ever! Nine companies paid me dividends. The dividend income increased by almost 600% compared to last year. This increase is mainly the result of an additional purchases in Brink (my employer), MPW (here), MDT (here) and Realty Income (here). Dividend growth for my other holdings are somewhat muted.

In the graph below I've showed my cumulative dividend income for 2023 (which obviously is just the first month of the year). But the start is great! What is awesome to see is that the income from last month is higher than my annual income from last year. I've take some serious steps.

Currently my annual dividend income is just over € 13.000. I still have to report some recent dividend raises and an addition to my portfolio. A hint: it is one of the winners from last month.

How was your January? What is your watchlist?