Sunday, January 10, 2016

Monthly Update: December 2015

So 2015 has come to an end. I'll write a post about the progress I made in the past year but for now I just want to present my dividend income for the month of December. In the table below I have shown some benchmark indicators of general market indices and my own dividend growth portfolio. It wasn't really a good month, and there's hardly any improvement in the new year.

As of 30-11As of 31-12% change
S&P 500 Total Return3.8833821,6-1,6%
Dow Jones Industrials Total Return36.27735.726-1,5%
AEX GR1.4121.328-5,9%
Portfolio value€ 23.982 € 22.570 -5,9%

However, since I am in it for the long haul I am not too interested in these daily or monthly fluctuations. What matters is that I keep focused on buying high quality companies which provide me with a steady stream of growing dividends.


Dividends received
Nine separate companies paid me dividends during this month.
  • KO: 37 shares @ $0.33 for a total of $12.21
  • INTC: 63 shares @ $0.24 for a total of $15.12
  • AFL: 28 shares @ $0.41 for a total of $11.48
  • IBM: 7 shares @ $1.30 for a total of $9.10
  • XOM: 17 shares @ $0.73 for a total of $12.41
  • UNP: 15 shares @ $0.55 for a total of $8.25
  • TGH: 100 shares @ 0.24 for a total of $24.00
  • RDS: 98 shares @ $0.47 for a total of $46.06 (DRIP 1 share)
  • UNA: 37 shares @ €0.30 for a total of €11.17
Total: around €129 after tax, which is almost 60% higher than last year in December. It's (almost) my highest monthly income ever, so definitely a solid month in terms of income!

Dividend increases or decreases during this month
Still contemplating my positions in KMI and TGH.

Yearly forward dividend
My 12-month forward dividend rate is now €940, compared to €940 last month. Nothing changed.

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