Monday, April 27, 2015

Next purchase: what to do?

I just deposited €1000,- to my brokerage account. Together with the accumulated dividends of the last months (€500) I am able to open up another position in my dividend growth portfolio. Given the fact that the US dollar and the Euro are looking at parity maybe somewhere in the next few months, I was pondering to purchase a Euro-based dividend company. However the 'Euro Dividend All Stars' (maintained by No More Waffles) provided me with less options than I originally anticipated!

I used the following criteria in my search:

  • P/E-ratio < 20;
  • 3-, 5- and 10 DGR > 6%;
  • Yield > 1.5%;
This set of criteria yielded me with 6 investment options. All of those are hovering near their 52wk highs. I only recognized BASF (materials) and BMW (auto industry). However I am not keen on getting into the auto industry. So maybe BASF? Unfortunately they only pay their dividends once per year :(

So what about US dividend stocks? There seems to be some consensus that certain stocks are good buys in the current market environment. I've seen a few 'recent buy' posts about JNJ, T and TROW. However, Praxair (PX) is looking nice at $122 as well (P/E-ratio at 21x though). Blackrock's (BLK) stock price has run up slightly since the beginning of the year, so perhaps TROW is a slightly better option right now? Realty Income (O) decreased almost 10% in the last 3 months and is a monthly dividend payer. Definitely O would be a nice quality addition to my portfolio!

Does someone out there have some good advice for me? Or maybe some other suggestions? I am looking forward to hearing from you :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monthly Update: March 2015

It's that time of the month again! A few days late but here's my monthly update for March. In general markets calmed a bit after a hectic beginning of the year. American markets lost a bit of ground whereas the Dutch AEX index continued it march upwards. The US dollar continued to gain strength against the Euro but the pace seemed to slow down compared to earlier months. In the table below I have presented some benchmark indicators of general market indices and my own dividend growth portfolio.

March 2015
IndicatorAs of 28-2As of 31-3% change
S&P 500 Total Return3.8663.805-1,6%
Dow Jones Industrials Total Return36.44135.767-1,9%
AEX GR1.4211.433+0,8%
Portfolio value€ 24.214 € 24.407 +0,8%

However, since I am in it for the long haul I am not too interested in these daily or monthly fluctuations. What matters is that I keep focused on buying high quality companies which provide me with a steady stream of growing dividends.