These links provide useful information and resources for dividend investors.

Mainly because of the list of dividend champions, contenders and challengers that is maintained by Dave Fish of Moneypaper's

This site provides the most recent and detailed financial information about companies worldwide! It's my starting point for a more in depth analysis.

Robert Allen Schwartz's "Tesselation" Site - Another great source of data on dividend growth companies, especially showing how dividend streaks correlate to dividend growth rates among dividend growth companies.

Seeking Alpha

The list below provides a summary of my Seeking Alpha publications:


  1. Hey Dividend Dream,

    Congrats on the Seeking Alpha pubs! That's great. I too use morningstar pretty extensively. Are you still publishing posts on your site? Take care!

    1. Hi Passive Income Dude, thanks for your comment. I am a bit inactive and not posting updates in the last few months. The reason is I am not contributing any new money to my investment fund (saving for a house) so there's hardly any action nowadays. It will probably pick up next year. How are you doing?

      Cheers, Robin

    2. Makes sense! I am about to transition to saving for a house myself here soon. I like that as a priority! Can't beat real estate!

  2. Hi Dividend Dream,
    i like your blog and I've added your site to my blogroll on: long-term-investments. It's an inspiring site and my readers should get access to your investing articles. They should also be a nice source for my dividend income interested readers.

    However, it would be nice if you add my blog on your blogroll or when you could give me a place on your site.

    Thank you!

    1. ah...forgotten, the site is Thanks!

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