Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Recent Buy: Unilever

 A few days ago I added to my existing position in Unilever (ticker: UL). I purchased my first 37 shares back in 2013 when the dividend yield was around 3,6%. The Price/Earnings-ratio at the time of my first purchas was around 20x. In those eight years the quarterly dividend has grown by almost 7% annualy. That's not too bad considering the starting yield. 

Subsequently I purchased additional shares in 2019 and 2020 with starting yields between 3,0 and 3,2%. The P/E-ratio hovered between 17-20x for those purchases. Currently Unilever is valued at a comparable forward P/E-ratio but with a somewhat higher starting yield of 3,6%. 

Even though my position in Unilever is already slightly bigger than average, I decided to increase my position by purchasing another 18 shares for €46,85 per share. This purchase added about €30 to my forward dividend income which currently stands at about € 2.070 before tax.

What do you tink of my purchase of Unilever?


  1. Great buy, Dividend Dream!

    I am looking forward to their earnings report tomorrow. Danone disappointed, while Nestle was a clear winner. Secretly I hope Unilever will disappoint somewhat so shareprice drops a bit further (<45). Long term Unilever is perfectly positioned given their focus on sustainability and exposure in emerging markets.

    Cheers! DKK

    1. hi Kleine Kapitalist. Agreed. It's a solid company!