Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dividend raise - Realty Income

Three weeks ago Realty Income (O) announced a raise in their monthly dividend from $0,226 to $0,2265. This raise adds a whopping € 0,13 to my annual dividend income. Ka-ching!

All jokes aside, Realty Income increases their dividend on more than one occasion each year. This is actually its 4th raise this year. Hopefully there's more to come this year!

So far I received 16 dividend raises in 2019. These raises combined have added around € 42 to my forward annual dividend income. Of course I expect more raises during the rest of the year. I'll keep you updated!

Did you like the dividend raise of O? Do you consider selling because of the low dividend growth rate?

Monday, June 3, 2019

Dividend report: May 2019

It's time to give an update of the dividends I received last month. Six companies decided to pay me a dividend for my ownership. Total dividends (after tax) are around €105, which is an increase of more than 30%. The growth was fueled by big dividend increases from KMI, DE and my relatively new position in AT&T.

You can see the breakdown in the table below.

My annual dividend income hovers around € 1.310 before taxes. It's been my best May by far. Last two years I received around € 80 during this month.

In terms of cumulative dividend income I am about 40% ahead compared to last year.

I hope I am able to purhase some new shares next month. Let's keep rocking!

How was your month?