Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Recent buy: TGH

Yesterday I purchased 57 shares of TGH for $16.20 per share. With this purchase I now have 100 shares of TGH. I plan to write covered calls against my position to generate extra income. I expect that the share price of TGH won't have any real upside in the short term due to low rental rates. The dividend however seems sustainable (see my article on Seeking Alpha). If the valuation multiple returns to the historical average in a few years, total return should more than offset the extra risk.

I'll get up another post in a few days about my possible option purchase.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Textainer: Dividend Seems Safe But Investors Need Courage

Textainer is facing difficult times. Rental rates are historically low and renewing long term leases at lower prices puts a dent in revenues. Textainer should be able to maintain their dividend, unless something dramatic and unforeseen happens. Read the rest of the article on Seeking Alpha!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Monthly Update: August 2015

It's that time of the month again! I guess last month wasn't kind to my portfolio but honestly I wasn't all that bothered. I was mostly frustrated by the fact that I did not have any real liquidity on hand to take advantage of some of the low stock prices. I kind of need to save a bit extra to fund my (possible) future home purchase (and consequently the costs of selling our current apartment).

After the big losses in earlier in June, followed by a small recovery in July, my portfolio really suffered this month. In the table below I have presented some benchmark indicators of general market indices and my own dividend growth portfolio.

August 2015
IndicatorAs of 31-7As of 31-8% change
S&P 500 Total Return3.8963.661-6,0%
Dow Jones Industrials Total Return35.84833.627-6,2%
AEX GR1.4721.317-10,5%
Portfolio value€ 24.074 € 21.906 -9,0%

However, since I am in it for the long haul I am not too interested in these daily or monthly fluctuations. What matters is that I keep focused on buying high quality companies which provide me with a steady stream of growing dividends.