Friday, April 3, 2020

Monthly report: March 2020

It's already April, so it's time for my regular monthly dividend report! Let's see how many companies sent me a dividend check for my ownership. These checks are the results of decisions I made earlier in life, sometimes years ago, where I decided to purchase shares in these companies. Nowaydays I still collect these checks but I have to do absolutely nothing to receive them. They just get deposited in my brokerage account, no questions asked. Isn't that great?!

I received € 182 after taxes. This is a solid increase from last year. If I look at my progress based on the cumulative dividend  income this year I am about 35% ahead compared to last year. That sounds perfect! Last month has been volatile with all the Corona issues and its impact on the stock market. I am not too worried however, and decided that I should use the moment to increase the size of one of my holdings. I'll write about it in the next blog post.

The underlying treemap shows the results per ticker relative to its size in my portfolio. The color green suggests an increase, but that's not true. The color is based on the best and worst performer in my portfolio. WMT with an increase of 6% is my best performer, but that's actually the only company that is worth more since last month. The rest of my companies has declined in price, between 5% to almost 50% for Realty Income and Accel.

How was your month? Did you buy or sell last month?

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