Thursday, April 9, 2020

Recent buy: Aflac

Last week I've purchased another batch of shares. After my recent purchase of Shell of a few weeks ago it was time for me to pounce again on the recent pullback due to COVID-19. 
I've added 24 shares of Aflac to my portfolio. Aflac is an existing position in my portfolio. I bought my first shares back in 2014 for a split-adjusted price of around $ 31. The price has been hovering between $50 and $55 before all the market turmoil began. Aflac crashed about 40% so I thought it was time to add a little bit to my existing position.

I now own 80 shares of Aflac. These new 24 shares add roughly €25 to my annual forward dividend income which now stands at €1.892.

What do you think of my purchase? And my reasoning?


  1. Nice Buy , i bought it few weeks ago.

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