Saturday, November 27, 2021

Recent buys: Brink and INTC

I haven't been active with my posts last weeks. However I did invest additional money in some of my companies.

On November 11th I purchased 40 additional shares in the company I work for (Brink). I have the option to purchase share once per year. Last year I purchased 20 shares and I explained a bit about how it works. This new purchase adds about € 400 in dividend income per year. I now have a position of exactly 100 shares and it's the biggest position in my portfolio. Hopefully I can add a lot of new money in other positions to keep the position of Brink in my portfolio somewhat in line with the other companies in my portfolio.

On November 17th I purchased 27 additionial shares of Intel (INTC) for about $50 per share. I bought my first shares of INTC back in 2013, so that's more than 8 years ag! At that time shares were priced $24 with a dividiend yield of 3.8%. The currency neutral total return for this batch until now is about 12% per year, so I have nothing to complain about. Dividend growth is around 5% and since that time I have received about 40% of my original purchase price in dividends. INTC's price has been somewhat flat last year, while the market has gone up about 20% (and some other companies a lot more!). I thought it would be a nice moment to add to my existing position. This purchase adds about € 35 in annual dividend income.

With these purchase (and recent dividend increases) my forward annual dividend income is now just over € 2.900. Hopefully I can reach that milestone of € 3.000 before the end of the year!


  1. DD,

    I like the INTC purchase. Like you I bought back around 2013 in the low $20s. I ended up selling a few years later in the mid $30s, but it looks like a bargin today in the high $40s. Amazing how AMD skyrocketed and INTC hovers in the 9 PE range.


    1. Hi MDP, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. INTC is almost a full position for me now, but based on the valuation I wouldn't mind adding some more shares I guess.