Sunday, June 13, 2021

Recent buys: Bristol-Myers Squibb & Merck

Last week I added to a existing position and started a new one. My watchlist was somewhat focused on healthcare/pharma companies. I wanted to strengthen the healthcare part of my portfolio. I only held JNJ, Baxter and BMY and it was a relatively smaller part of my portfolio (about 7% of my total portfolio). I contemplated starting a position in LMT, but wasn't convinced yet. I need to do some more work on that.

So what did I buy?

  • 18 shares of BMY for $ 65,24 per share. This new purchase adds around $35 to my annual forward dividend income. My total position is now 40 shares, which makes it an average position in terms of portfolio weight.
  • 23 shares of MRK for $ 73,23 per share. This new purchase adds around $60 to my annual forward dividend income.
Last year I started my position in Bristol-Myers Squibb. Based on various valuation and dividend metrics Merck seemed like a nice addition to my portfolio as well. I decided to just buy both!

With this purchases my healthcare related stocks are about 10% of my portfolio and my annual forward dividend income grew by € 80 from € 2.070 to € 2.150. The next milestones are € 2.400 in annual income (€200 per month!) and € 60.000,- in portfolio value. The last one is actually rather close. If the markets don't tumble in the coming month I expect to reach this by the end of this month. Let's rock on!

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