Thursday, August 1, 2019

Dividend report: July 2019

It's time to give an update of the dividends I received last month. Five companies decided to pay me a dividend for my ownership. Total dividends (after tax) are around € 72, which is an increase of more than 35% compared to last year. The growth was fueled by a bigger dividend from my own employer Brink. Last year I doubled my position to 20 shares, hence the bigger payout. I expect to purchase another batch after the summer. Other dividend increases have been rather muted (O, KO). BAX has grown a lot relatively, but it's a rather small position. PM raised its dividend a quarter early last year. I expect them to raise their dividend next quarter.

You can see the breakdown in the table below.

It's been my best July so far!

As of now, my annual dividend income hovers around € 1.485 before taxes. This is a solid increase from last months € 1.425. Most of this increase is due to my new position in BEP.

In terms of cumulative dividend income I am about 30% ahead compared to last year. Let's keep rocking!

How was your month?

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