Monday, October 11, 2021

Dividend report: September 2021

September is over! Let's see how many companies sent me a dividend check for my ownership. These checks are the results of decisions I made earlier in life, sometimes years ago, where I decided to purchase shares in these companies. Nowaydays I still collect these checks but I have to do absolutely nothing to receive them. They just get deposited in my brokerage account, no questions asked. Isn't that great?!

A total of more than € 300! Fifteen companies paid me dividends. The dividend income increased by about 75% compared to last year. BBL made a big impact with its recent dividend payment (I have not even reported it on this blog) but also dividend raised and increased positions in Unilever, Shell, Aflac, TROW, UNP and BIP made a real change.

So far I am about 60% ahead compared to the dividend I received last year at this time in the year. Currently my annual dividend income is around € 2.510.

The market has corrected slightly during the last month. I see a lot of companies in the 'red' last month. BBL corrected 18%, and various other companies about 10% (OHI, DE, TROW, O, BMY). That might provide some buying opportunities if this trend continues. We'll see what happens in the markets in the coming weeks!

How was your September? What is your watchlist?


  1. Congrats on a great September ADD! A 75% increase is huge and you're well ahead of last year. Actually you've already received more this year than in all of 2020.

    1. Hi PIP, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Yeah, 2021 has been great so far. Mostly due to an extra influx of cash into the portfolio but also because of dividend raises and better performance compared to last year (COVID anyone?). Best of luck to you as well!