Monday, February 11, 2019

UNP raised its dividend by 10%

A few days ago Union Pacific (UNP) declared a $0.88/share quarterly dividend, which is a 10% increase from its prior quarterly dividend of $0.80. Since I own 15 share of UNP this raise adds about € 4 to my forward annual dividend income. This is a really solid dividend increase in my book!

I purchased my shares about 4 years ago for $108 a piece. Currently they are worth around $162, so that's roughly an 11% annual rate of return, based just on the price appreciation alone.

In the past years I've received about 10% of my original purchase price in dividends. The dividend has grown from $0,55 per share (quarterly) to its current level of $0,88 per share. That's an awesome growth rate of 13% each year. At this pace the dividend is expected to double in value about every six years! I am really content to have added this company to my portfolio a few years ago.

What do you think the dividend raise by UNP? Do you consider adding shares to your portfolio at its current price?


  1. Loved seeing that increase from UNP. I hope to get them into my portfolio soon if the valuation makes sense.

    1. Yeah agreed. Want to add more of this name obviously. Its PE-ratio however is slightly higher than I would like :-(