Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dividend report - February 2019

It's time to give an update of the dividends I received last month. Five companies decided to pay me a dividend for my ownership. Total dividends (after tax) are around €87, 45% more than last year.

You can see the breakdown in the table below.

The report shows all sorts of things! Firstly there are big dividend raises from Deere and Kinder Morgan. I don't expect these kind of raises to continue, but they are really nice for now!

Secondly there's O with a smaller year-on-year increase. And there's Omega Healthcare (OHI) which stopped raising its dividend since last year. They have to work out various issues regarding to its tenants. I read the recent quarterly earnings report and things are definitely not solved but for now I decided to stand pat.

Finally it's the first month T is contributing to my monthly dividend income. I opened a position earlier this year. Really excited to see the first $20 paycheck returned to me!

Yearly dividend income (before taxes) stands at around €1250 which is a slight increase since last report. This is due to recent dividend raises and a favorable USD.EUR currency exchange rate.


  1. Great stuff ADD! We're on track to have a personal best, although that's a fairly common thing, but our growth will be nowhere near the marks you put up. We're co-owners of all but KMI so it's great to see someone else reaping the dividends from the same great companies that I am. All the best.

    1. Hi PIP, thanks for dropping by! I guess it's easier to have a great y-o-y growth rate with a smaller portfolio :-) Best of luck to you as a fellow shareholder as well!

  2. Thank you for sharing