Sunday, January 19, 2020

Dividend raise: Realty Income (+2,2%)

It's time for the fourth dividend raise of the year! Realty Income (ticker: O) decided to send me more money each month! They raised their monthly dividend to $0.2325 per share. That works out to a raise of $0,06 per share each year. I currently own 25 shares, so that's an extra $1.50 (or € 1,35) each year! Ka-ching!

All jokes aside, Realty Income increases their dividend on more than one occasion each year (twice already this year), so hopefully there's more to come this year! So far I've received four dividend raises which increased my annual dividend income by almost € 6.

Are you satisfied with O's performance?


  1. You've got to love Realty Income. I wish the yield were a bit higher at least above 4%, preferably >4.5%, and then I'll start reinvesting dividends again. For now though I'll take them in cash and re-deploy them elsewhere which is much more enticing with the zero commissions.

    1. Yeah, I am not contemplating adding to my position at these prices. But the consistent dividend growth sure is nice!

  2. Hi Dividend Dream, it's Kanwal a fellow dividend blogger at Simply Investing. I'd like to send you a quick email for a blogging collaboration if you are interested, is there an email address I can use? Alternatively you can use my contact page on my site. Thanks!