Thursday, January 3, 2019

Back after more than two years!

I posted my last blogpost in December of 2016, more than two years ago. What happened??

Life happened I guess. Two years ago we just purchased a new home. Obviously we needed the money for all kinds of stuff for our new home. So deposits into my investment account were stopped. After that we got pregnant! Again. But not with one baby, but with two! So all in all, we went from one 3yr old boy to a wrecking crew of three. I can tell you, that's a hell of a lot of work. As of now the oldest is over 4yr old and in kindergarten. The twins are 1yr old. Everyone is healthy and in great shape, so I suppose everything's alright. But I hope that kind of clarifies my leave of absensce.

As of now we are more or less settled - in our home as well as in life - so I can redirect some cashflow into my investment account. During the past two years I haven't deposited any new funds towards my account, but I did reinvest the received dividends on occasion. In a future post I might elaborate a bit more on that. For now I just want to let you know I am back!

I hope to interact more in the coming period with my fellow dividend growth investors or people interested in personal finance in general.



  1. Welcome back! I guess you could say you were growing your family instead of your dividends.
    Looking forward to see what you do with the investment capital you have.

    1. Yeah, I compounded my family rather nicely in the past few years :-)