Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dividend report - december 2018

It's time to give an update of the dividends of last months. Ten companies decided to pay me a dividend for my ownership. Total dividends (after tax) are around €128, roughly 16% more than last year. I really like this growth and hope to further increase it this year!

You can see the breakdown in the table below.

What is nice to notice is that this is the result of pure dividend growth and reinvestment. As you may have read earlier, I didn't deposit any new funds into this account for the last two years. So any increase in dividend income is because of the raises I received earlier this year. Big growers are UNP, TROW, AFL and INTC. Last year I bought a position in O with the cumulative dividends I received so that's also a big plus to the monthly dividend income.

None this month.

Yearly forward dividend
Yearly dividend income (before taxes) is around €1225.


  1. 16% YoY growth is fantastic considering that's all dividend growth and reinvestment. We've been in pretty much the same boat for the last few years where we haven't been able to contribute capital to keep building up the account, but organic dividend growth and select reinvestment has continued to push our dividends higher. 2018's dividends were about 11% higher than 2017 so there's no complaints from me. All the best.

    1. Yeah agreed, annual dividend growth has been around 10% the last two years. I expect a higher number this year. Check out my new post about this subject :-)

      Thanks for the time to comment PIP!

  2. Like PIP said. 16% is great! Welcome back. Can't blame you for taking some time to focus on your home and family. It sounds like you are hyper focused and ready to crush it!