Saturday, January 5, 2019

Recap of the last two years of dividend growth investing

So earlier I told you a little but about my leave of absence ?

Let's give you a brief update of my buys and sells in the last two years:

  • I dripped a few shares of RDSA with their regular dividend. My position is becoming quite large. As of now it is almost 10% of my portfolio and about 15% of my forward dividend income. For now I still believe that RDSA is doing the right things. With extra deposits in the future its weight in my portfolio will slowly come down.
  • In January 2018 I purchased 25 shares of Realty Income (ticker: O) for a purchase price of roughly $53. I loved (and still do!) their monthly dividend rhythm. Current price is about $62 so for now it has been a great investment for a currency neutral rate of return (including dividends) of 23% annualized.
  • In October 2018 I sold my shares of  SOUHY, the mining spin-off from Billiton I got back in 2015. It was a rather small position but still performed nicely! Accounting for the dividends its rate of return was about 20% per year. Too bad the position was so small!
So as of now I will give a more detailed update whenever I enter into a new position or add to an existing one.


  1. Happy to see you back online. Keep building and dripping over time. I'm sure your are enjoying that RDS dividend when it rolls into your account. Stay diversified though. You don't want to become too dependent on one stock for most of your income.

    1. Yeah, that RDSA dividend is nice. It gets reinvested for 1 new share each quarter. I am not planning to buy new RDSA shares with fresh capital so over time the weight as % of total income should come down a bit.