Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dividend raise: IBM (+3%)

A few days ago International Business Machines (IBM) announced a dividend raise. Their quarterly dividend payment was increased from $ 1,57 to $ 1,62 which is an increase of 3,2%. The raise is modest but I guess IBM needs to preseve some of their cashflow given the recent acquisition of RedHat.

Since my investment in IBM almost 5 years ago, they've managed to increase their dividend by about 9% per year on average. So really I've got nothing to complain on that front.

The raise from IBM was my 14th raise this year. Together these raises have added almost € 40 to my expected yearly dividend income (before taxes). Let's hope the other remaining companies follow suit with a nice raise!

Are you an owner of IBM? Did you like the raise from IBM?

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