Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monthly Update: August 2016

A short monthly update of my portfolio.

IndicatorAs of 31-7As of 31-8% change
S&P 500 Total Return4,1154,120+0.1%
Dow Jones Industrials Total Return38,36138,461+0.3%
AEX GR1,3871,413+1.9%
Portfolio value€ 24,458 € 24,735 +1.1%

However, since I am in it for the long haul I am not too interested in these daily or monthly fluctuations. What matters is that I keep focused on buying high quality companies which provide me with a steady stream of growing dividends.


Dividends received
Three separate companies paid me dividends during this month.
  • DE: 18 shares @ $0.60 for a total of $10.80
  • OHI: 59 shares @ $0.60 for a total of $35.40
  • KMI: 48 shares @ $0.125 for a total of $6.00
Total: around €40 after tax, which is lower than last year due to the dividend reduction of KMI and the fact that I closed my TGH position. I guess next year will be better! :-)

Dividend increases or decreases during this month
OHI raised the quarterly dividend by a penny. Since I own 59 shares that will provide me with an extra 2 euro's per year. Ka-ching!

Yearly forward dividend
My 12-month forward dividend rate is now €930, compared to €920 last month. Nothing changed except the EUR.USD rate.

Seeking Alpha articles
Last month I wrote three articles on Seeking Alpha:

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