Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monthly update: January 2014

The month has passed and it's my favorite time, giving an update of my dividend portfolio. Generally markets have been down, especially in the last two weeks. I've initiated a new position in RDS. You can read about it here.

  • RDS.A: 58 shares @ €25.98 for a total of €1.507. This purchase adds €80 to my annual dividend income.
Dividends received
  • BAX: 22 shares @ $0.49 for a total of $10.78
  • WMT: 20 shares @ $0.47 for a total of $9.40
  • PM: 17 shares @ $0.94 for a total of $15.98
Total: around $36 (~ €27 pre-tax)

Dividend increases
  • OHI raised its quarterly dividend payment with $0.01 to $0.49 per share, an increase of 2%. This raise adds a little more than $2 to my yearly dividend income.
Portfolio value
Though it's not a pre-defined goal to archieve a certain amount of networth, I'd like to monitor this progress as well. The value of my portfolio is at €14.400 (as of January 2). This is an increase of €1.000 compared to last month. Since I deposited €1.500 in new cash for my RDS purchase, my portfolio has actually declined with about €500. I am not too worried about this decline. Hopefully I can free up some cash next month to make another purchase and use the market correction to my advantage.

Yearly forward dividend
My 12-month forward dividend rate is now €570, compared to €485 last month. This increase is due to my purchase of RDS.

How was your month? What are your plans for the coming month? Keep plowing your money into the stock market or maintain a cash position to use when the markets continue to move downward?


  1. Congrats on the dividends, DividendDream.
    Great start to the year. Best wishes for the rest of the year.


    1. Hi R2R, thanks for taking the time to comment! Let's see if we can improve the dividend income in February :)

  2. Hi Robin, I stumbled upon your blog googling for European companies with quarterly dividends. I'm from Europe, trying to be a Dividend Growth investor like yourself. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your blog.

    My dividend month of january ended with a satisfying result. I only hold one ETF that focuses on yield rather then growth and it's been paying for it the last few years (risky ETF called BDCL). I have a cash position in hand also to wait for buying opportunities in the coming months.

    1. Heya Hyperion, thanks for stopping by. Are you a blogger yourself? I'll check out BDCL in the coming week, thanks for mentioning it. Good luck with your investments!

  3. Looks like some good progress. My portfolio wasn't so lucky to have just a $500 loss but this was good for the markets and for building up larger streams of dividends.

    1. Hi PIP! Yeah it feels like progress. Even though the portfolio value declined I am not worried at all. That's also a big advancement, in terms of mental ability :)

  4. We have been overdue for a market correction and it seems that it's finally come. It's a good time to take advantage when some big dividend stocks are now 'on sale'. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Captain Dividend, how nice of you to visit my blog and taking the the to leave a comment. Yeah, too bad I didn't have more capital to spend while markets were down, because they seem to be moving upwards again. We'll see what happens next month ;)