Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Financial Goals for 2014!

Halfway 2013 I started my journey of becoming a Dividend Growth Investor. I sat goals for the coming years. These goals (annual dividends received) were based on the assumed dividend growth, yield, monthly deposits and stock price appreciation. For the first year this came at $500 or roughly €380 (EUR.USD-rate was around 1.3 at the time).

In the last 6 months (5 actually because July didn't pay me anything...) I've received over €130 in dividends. Based on my projections for next year, I estimate I will receive another €250 in dividends in the first 6 months of 2014. This means I will probably reach my goal of €380 dividends in my first year as a DGI.

For the whole of 2014 I want to deposit at least €300 per month. This means I will be able to make one purchase each quarter combined with the received dividends from my portfolio. I expect to earn at least €550 in dividends in 2014. However, this goal mostly depends on the EUR.USD-rate. If this rate creeps higher, reaching this goal might become difficult to reach. I can control the amount of monthly deposits and which companies to invest in, I cannot control how macroeconomics turn out.

As a secondary goal, next to dividends received, I'd like to measure my total portfolio value. As of now it stands at €13.300. At the end of next year I'd like to see a portfolio value of €18.000. This growth comes from new deposits (€3.600), reinvested dividends (€550) and some stock price appreciation (€550).

Hopefully I can contribute a bit more to my portfolio, this depends on a few other things that might happen in 2014. I'll keep you updated about these and my progress towards reaching my goals for 2014. Finally I hope all of you will reach your goals in 2014, whether they are financial or not!


  1. Hi!

    Great goals you set there. It's always nice to see the dividend stream increasing and €550 in dividends for 2014 is nice, it is all money you didn't have to work for (except for the research and monitoring!).

    I have a similar dividend project only slightly larger (but not by a big margin) and it looks as if your from Europe which I find interesting because I am to. Almost all other blogs I follow are US or Canadian based so seeing a fellow European build a portfolio is very interesting!

    Am I correct by saying that you are probably living in the Netherlands? Because I see Unilever and the Accell group in your portfolio ;).

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, most blogs I know and read are US/Canada based. I came across some from Spain a few weeks back.

      You are definately correct about me living in the Netherlands. Although Unilever is a multinational, Accell kind of betrayed my location. It is a relatively small position I took three years ago. It paid me dividends twice (one in cash, one in stock) so I just keep it for now. I like the business model of selling bicycles and other fitness equipment. We'll see how the earnings and dividends progress in 2014.

      Btw, care to join your blogsite? I am curious to know what your portfolio looks like! Best regards and all the best in 2014 to you.

  2. Best of luck in finishing out your first full year of DGI. The key like you said is to control what you can. You can control your savings rate and what/when you invest, what the markets do is out of your control.

    1. Thanks for stopping by again PIP. Congratulations on your big jump in visitors of your blog! Well done. I wish you all the best in 2014.

  3. Thanks for sharing your goals, Robin! I believe you'll definitely accomplish them! Saving money isn't like a walk in the park. There may come a time that you may really need to use you funds. That's why options like getting a loan or a mortgage are there to help you. Good day!

    Kevin Fritz