Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monthly update: November 2013

The month has passed and it's my favorite time, giving an update of my dividend portfolio. Generally US markets have been up. This month I didn't initiate any new position but I plan to purchase something next month if the conditions are right!

  • None
Dividends received
  • DE: 18 shares @ $0.51 for a total of $9.18
  • TGH: 43 shares @ $0.47 for a total of $20.21
Total: $29.39 (~ €22 pre-tax)

Dividend increases
  • None
Portfolio value
Though it's not a pre-defined goal to archieve a certain amount of networth, I'd like to monitor this progress as well. The value of my portfolio is at €11.800 (as of November 30). This is an increase of €100 compared to last month. My US equities have risen slightly in value, but my EUR equities are little bit down.

Yearly forward dividend
My 12-month forward dividend rate is now €405, compared to €400 last month. This small increase is due to changing EUR.USD-rates.

How was your month? What are your plans for the coming month? Keep investing your money or build a cash position to use when the markets might move downward?


  1. That's what I like about the DG strategy, even if you don't make any purchases you're still getting cash returns month after month. As far as December goes I'm going to do my best to build up capital because I've got 2 open put options that should get executed barring a big move up in the underlying stocks. So I'll have 2 purchases going through on Dec 20th that will deplete a chunk of my available capital.

    1. Hey PIP, thanks for stopping by! I though I already left a reply, but apparently something went wrong. I also like to receive these dividend payments. They are small as an absolute number but they are the beginning of a compounding snowball in the future!

      I wish you well in the future, and good luck with your put options :)