Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monthly update: July 2013

It's been a busy month! Earlier I've written about my start as a Dividend Growth Investor. Since the start of the month I initiated 7 new positions. The last two additions (BBL/DE) are a little riskier than other stocks, so I want to purchase my next two block of shares in low-risk companies like KO, MCD, PG or something similar.

In total I deposited $10.600 in capital which roughly equates to €8.150. It's a bit less than I anticipated but this was because I was on vacation for the last part of the month. I expect to initiate two new positions in the next month.
  • 17 XOM @ $91.02
  • 20 WMT @ $75.23
  • 17 PM @ $87.85
  • 63 INTC @ $23.96
  • 43 TGH @ $34.46
  • 28 BBL @ $54.88
  • 18 DE @ $84.52
Dividends received
  • None
Dividend increases
  • TGH raised it's quarterly dividend from $0.46 to $0.47 per share, resulting in the company’s fourteenth consecutive quarterly increase. This added almost $2 per year to my annual forward rate.
Portfolio value
Though it's not a pre-defined goal to archieve a certain amount of networth, I'd like to monitor this progress as well. The value of my portfolio is €8.400 (as of August 10).

Yearly forward dividend
My 12-month forward dividend rate is now €300. This is an increase of €280 to last month. This is obviously because of the influx of capital, I don't expect these gains on a frequent basis to occur (or to occur at all!).


  1. Hey Robin, I just discovered your blog, I'll have to add it to my blogroll. Looks like your off to a great start. With solid names like WMT, PM, XOM you definitely on the right track!

  2. Hello Captain Dividend! Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blogroll. Your blog was one of my inspirations for starting my own. I wish you well with your investments :)

  3. Welcome to dividend growth investing! You have made a nice start to your portfolio and I look forward to seeing your investing progress and reading your blog. Best wishes!

    1. Hi DGM! Nice of you to leave a reply, thanks for that. I'll keep reading about your progress as well ;)